Residential Gas and Electric Center
Rising energy costs have negatively impacted the budget of many families. Fortunately, today consumers have more options than ever in selecting residential energy providers. Increased competition in some states has resulted in newer energy companies challenging older utility entities to improve services and bring down costs to the consumer.

We take great pride and extensive detail researching the providers we recommend for you. We leverage our proven knowledge of a competitive energy marketplace and use our ethical standards to ensure our customers only partner with the most respected energy providers.

Our criterion for energy provider partners includes numerous factors – pricing, plan features, payment options, customer services, business ethics and financial stability. More specifically, below are the criteria we use for our residential recommendations: Competitive pricing, Consistent price savings, Fixed rates and month-to-month options,
All charges are listed clearly and NO Hidden Fees

Proven financial stability
Established and trustworthy management team with significant industry experienceQuality Billing System

Billing accuracy
Easy to read invoices with no 'small print', Usage and rates are clearly displayed on the bill, Online account management, Paperless billing, Payment options include credit card, automatic bank draft, online or payment by phone, Bill payment assistance and payment plansInnovative Products and Services

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