Telecommunications and Virtualization: After conducting a cost analysis of existing cooling (electric) bill it was our determination that we would save them 20%-25% by designing and implementing a virtualization platform and reduce the servers by more then half. After succeeding with the virtulization we decided to perform a audit on all utilities and saved an additional 15% on the telecommunications bill. 

Non Profit Marketing and Management: Retaining all of the marketing needs including events, promotions, advertising and staffing needs we successfully reduced the overhead by 30% and added alternate revenue streams by increasing events and field marketing by 15%. In turn with the cost savings and the increase in revenue streams we turned a Non Profit organization that was in the red every month into a strong, long lasting orginization that is making a difference in the community. 

Intellectual Property: By implementing multiple originals ideas we have increased revenue by putting in place those ideas, running them, and maintaining them which lead to an increase in productivity and budget monies.

Utility Savings: After Carefully review the gas, electric and merchant processing (credit card processing) bills we came to the conclusion that we could save over $250 per month just on the business account. After reviewing the Residential gas and Cable bill we saved an additional $75 per month totaling $325 per month.

CCTV and Security: Designed and implemented a nationwide 74 location 975 camera system with remote monitoring from the corporate headquarters. Including bio-metric access, motion, trip sensor, explosion proof cameras and employee monitoring system with facial recognition it is the latest state of the art system today. 

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