Our team has worked with numerous nonprofit organizations throughout the united states and internationally. Through our unique collaboration, we are able to provide driven solutions that help our clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

The Investment vs Return Model we utilize has been implemented successfully in numerous organizations, helpin
g all types of nonprofit organizations achieve significantly greater fundraising results. Our innovative tools have consistently maximized the dollars raised from individual funding sources by effectively translating specific outcomes into specific benefits for existing stakeholders and potential investors.

Achieving more than implementation of innovative fundraising techniques. 
MGS Consulting is a comprehensive solutions company dedicated to addressing our Clients organizational, resource development, and sustainability needs. Our experts focus on providing outcome-driven solutions customized to fit each unique situation.

In every campaign, we develop an Value Proposition that helps us to make a strong investment case to potential “investors,” which is what we call the businesses, individuals, foundations, and public entities that provide funding to our clients. We make a strong rational appeal for substantial financial investment in projects that deliver value.

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